Adds Jon Russell As Asian Based General Partner

The Singapore-based company,, has hired the former TechChurch and The Ken reporter, Jon Russell as their Asian-based general partner. And with this new development, they hope to expand Fund further.’s $200 million Web 3 fund came into existence in March 2012. As of Monday, intending to expand via the venture arm of investing in Series A stages, project at seed and crypto startups, has grown expectedly. Russell, during an interview, made known that the fund is believed to rise to double its current size and will be announced in a few days. is still hiring GP’s, but with the help of Russell, the fund’s acknowledgment will extend to that Asia-based project. Though Bobby Bao, co-founder, currently runs the fund. Things To Know About Jon Russell Jon Russell is a Uk citizen based in Bangkok. He has lived in Thailand since 2008. In 2014 Jon Russell became a reporter for TechChurch focused on all tech-related issues in Asia. Especially all the major names in India, China, and Southeast Asia. Related article | Sports NFT Marketplace Lympo Suffers An $18.7 Million Hack With this, he changed the daily life of people across Asia. And his knowledge and influence in the tech and crypto field are precisely one of the reasons has hired him as one of their General partners in Asia. Expansion in Asia The Capital prior investment of comprises liqu... read more

Kevin O’Leary Is Still Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Massive Correction

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Altcoin prices briefly rebounded, but derivatives metrics predict worsening conditions

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Bitcoin NUPL Touches Lows Not Seen Since COVID Crash, Rebound Soon?

On-chain data shows the Bitcoin NUPL metric has now declined to lows not seen since the COVID-19 crash back in 2020. Bitcoin Net Unrealized Profit And Loss Plunged Down Recently As explained by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the NUPL past trend may suggest that current values could be favorable for a rebound in the crypto’s price. The “net unrealized profit and loss,” or NUPL in brief, is an indicator that’s defined as the difference between the current Bitcoin market cap and its realized cap, divided by the market cap. The “realized cap” checks what price each coin on the chain was last moved at, and using these prices it calculates the crypto’s capitalization (while the normal market cap takes the sum of all coins’ value at the current price). What this metric tells us is whether the BTC market participants as a whole are holding a profit or a loss at the moment. When the value of the ratio is above zero, it means the overall market is in profit currently. On the other hand, values less than zero imply holders are carrying a loss right now. Related Reading | Bitcoin Selling Pressure Continues As Long-Term Holder SOPR Spikes Up Naturally, the metric being exactly equal to zero suggests the investors as a whole are just breaking even currently. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin NUPL metric over the last few years: It seems like the value of the metr... read more

Brian Armstrong: Crypto Will Be Huge in 10 Years

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other assets are down for the count at the time of writing. BTC for example, is priced at around $30K less than its recent all-time high last November (the currency exceeded $60,000 back then), but this isn’t causing Brian Armstrong of Coinbase to have any less confidence in the asset or...The post Brian Armstrong: Crypto Will Be Huge in 10 Years appeared first on Live Bitcoin News. read more

Cardano (ADA) Adds 2,340 Average New Wallets per Day in Last 30 Days

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Crypto’s Future is Self-Custody, Dealing Blow to Exchanges, Coinbase CEO Says

Self-custody is a natural progression of the industry and inherently unique to crypto’s founding principles, according to Ledger executive Charles HamelThe post Crypto’s Future is Self-Custody, Dealing Blow to Exchanges, Coinbase CEO Says appeared first on Blockworks. read more

After TerraUSD (UST) De-Pegging Scare, Tether (USDT) Releases Report Claiming It Has Fully Backed Reserves

As the most recent crypto market crash is putting the spotlight on stablecoins, one of the leading dollar-pegged tokens says its valuation remains secure. In a new post, Tether Holdings Limited announced that not only is its signature product Tether (USDT) backed by more assets than liabilities, the company is reducing its commercial investments in The post After TerraUSD (UST) De-Pegging Scare, Tether (USDT) Releases Report Claiming It Has Fully Backed Reserves appeared first on The Daily Hodl. read more

Terra (LUNA) Founder Do Kwon Facing South Korea Investigation Over Claims of Ponzi Fraud: Report

The CEO of Terraform Labs is facing possible criminal charges in the wake of two leading cryptos collapsing earlier this month. In a new report, Yonhap News says that South Korean authorities are considering bringing Ponzi scheme charges against Do Kwon, the founder of Terra (LUNA) and algorithmic stable coin TerraUSD (UST), both of which The post Terra (LUNA) Founder Do Kwon Facing South Korea Investigation Over Claims of Ponzi Fraud: Report appeared first on The Daily Hodl. read more

Bank of America Analysts: No Reason to Worry About ‘Crypto Winter’ or Contagion Risk Due to Terra’s Collapse

Analysts at Bank of America, the second-largest U.S. bank, have argued that concerns surrounding a so-called crypto winder or contagion risk associated with the collapse of the Terra ecosystem are unfounded. In a note shared with clients, first reported on by CoinDesk, analysts led by Alkesh Shah noted that investors should take into account that […] read more

Another Heart Changed? Former Crypto Skeptic Jim Rogers Wishes He Bought Bitcoin at $1

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