Matlock: The Complete Series [DVD] 39902900

Matlock: The Complete Series [DVD]
Matlock: The Complete Series [DVD]

Model: 39902900


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Matlock: The Complete Series

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Revenge, Tony Scott's 1990 tale of adultery and backstabbing comes to DVD with this no frills release. For a film with such a little following, an abundance of extras would probably seem wasted, so it's no surprise that the best the disc has to offer in the way of extras is a theatrical trailer. Still, with interactive menus and both widescreen 2.35:1 and standard 1.33:1 transfers, fans should find it to be an adequate DVD. On the audio end, the disc features Dolby Digital Surround tracks in English, French, and Spanish. Subtitles in all three languages are also included.

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Model Number 39902900
UPC 32429334978

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