The Amazing Race: Season 31 [DVD]

The Amazing Race: Season 31 [DVD]
The Amazing Race: Season 31 [DVD]

Model: 39926890

Brand: Allied Vaughn

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The Amazing Race: Season 31

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Roland Emmerich's ho-hum remake of Godzilla comes to DVD with plenty of extra features: along with a widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio, the disc also includes a commentary by the special effects supervisor, shots of New York before and after the giant lizard destroys the town, cast filmographies, and the theatrical trailers. A "making of" featurette and photo gallery also highlight the film's admittedly impressive special effects, while the music video for the Wallflowers' cover of "Heroes" showcases the film's other selling point: its soundtrack. Though the film's artistic merits are dubious at best, Godzilla's DVD plays to its strengths, making it a disc special effects fans will appreciate.

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Brand Allied Vaughn
Model Number 39926890
UPC 810017887323

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