Charlie's Colorform City: Meet Charlie! [DVD]

Charlie's Colorform City: Meet Charlie! [DVD]
Charlie's Colorform City: Meet Charlie! [DVD]
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Charlie's Colorform City: Meet Charlie!

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This Doctor Who adventure from 1967 stars Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, who arrives at the Moonbase, where the Earth's weather is controlled, only to be accused of starting a plague that's been wiping out members of the base's crew.

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  • Engaging and colorful animation
  • Introduces children to basic shapes and colors
  • Promotes creativity and imagination
  • Teaches problem-solving skills
  • Includes interactive activities and games
  • CONS

  • Limited content compared to a full TV series
  • May not appeal to older children or adults
  • Some parents may find the animation style too simplistic
  • Product specifications

    Brand Distribution Solutions
    Model Number 41077757
    UPC 843501010730

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