Deadwood: The Complete Series [19 Discs] [DVD]

Deadwood: The Complete Series [19 Discs] [DVD]
Deadwood: The Complete Series [19 Discs] [DVD]

Model: 22746412

Brand: Warner Bros.

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Deadwood: The Complete Series [19 Discs]

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One of television's most popular police dramas, Hawaii Five-O, finally came to an end with its twelfth season, which ran from October 4, 1979 through April 5, 1980. By this point, ratings had started to fall; to buoy them, producers replaced several of the series mainstays with a new supporting cast including James Carew (William Smith), Truck Kealoha (Moe Keale) and Lori Wilson (Sharon Farrell) . Narratively, Season 12 is perhaps best-known as the one that brought about the final showdown between Detective Steve McGarrett and seemingly invincible Hawaiian mafia boss Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh). The 19 episodes in that season all appear in this set; they include such installments as Voice of Terror, Image of Fear and Sign of the Ram.

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  • Comprehensive collection with all episodes of the Deadwood series
  • Includes 19 discs, providing hours of entertainment
  • High-quality DVD format for optimal viewing experience
  • Engaging storyline set in the Wild West era
  • Well-developed characters and exceptional acting performances
  • Authentic and immersive production design
  • Critically acclaimed series with a dedicated fan base
  • CONS

  • Limited to DVD format, not available in Blu-ray or digital formats
  • May require a DVD player for playback, which some modern devices may lack
  • Not suitable for viewers who dislike explicit language or graphic violence
  • No additional bonus features or behind-the-scenes content included
  • Product specifications

    Brand Warner Bros.
    Model Number 22746412
    Color Y
    UPC 883929381692

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