A Life Apart: Hasidism In America [DVD] [1997] 07946387

A Life Apart: Hasidism In America [DVD] [1997]
A Life Apart: Hasidism In America [DVD] [1997]

Model: 07946387


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A Life Apart: Hasidism In America

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In New York City, the Hasidim are a common sight, but their way of life remains a mystery to those outside their community. With their use of Yiddish, their distinctive clothes and their strict observance of Jewish ritual and law, the Hasidim are considered.

With deeply ingrained moral codes based on traditions that date back to the 18th century, practitioners of Hasidic Judaism stand apart from mainstream modern socieities, making the one of the most misunderstood sects of the Hebrew religion. The sect had its origins in Central Europe and did not really establish communities in the U.S. until after the Nazis invaded their homelands. This insightful documentary profiles some of those American communities and the effect they have on their neighbors as well as the way the outside world affects them.

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Manufacturer Metra
Brand First Run Features
Model Number 07946387
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UPC 720229909716

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