Cry Uncle [DVD] [1971] 06286675

Cry Uncle [DVD] [1971]
Cry Uncle [DVD] [1971]

Model: 06286675


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Cry Uncle

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CRY UNCLE is the shocking tale about an eccentric millionaire, sex, the murdered mistress, sex, a part time country music man, more sex, and Jake, the suave debonair lover, poet, athlete and 262 lb. Private detective from New Jersey who's been hired to sort it all out and find the real killer... and even more sex!

The director of Rocky (1976) and Joe (1970) weaves this bizarre comedy concerning a detective who finds himself mixed up in a tangled web of sex, murder, and much, much more in this entertaining release from Troma DVD. Featuring a digitally mastered transfer presented in 1.33:1 aspect ratio, this release also offers a Dolby Digital Stereo audio mix in addition to a slew of extra features. With a director's commentary track, a tour of Troma studios, a Troma intelligence test, public service announcements, weblinks, trailers, comic book stills, and a preview of Troma's Edge TV, viewers are guaranteed to get an eyeful with this typically Troma-fied feature-packed disc.

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Manufacturer Logitech
Model Number 06286675
Color Black
UPC 790357995035

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