Blueair - Blue Pure Fan - White - White FANPACF100037

Blueair - Blue Pure Fan - White - White
Blueair - Blue Pure Fan - White - White
Angle View: Blueair - Blue Pure Fan - White - White
Back View: Blueair - Blue Pure Fan - White - White
Left View: Blueair - Blue Pure Fan - White - White

Model: FANPACF100037

Brand: Blueair

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Blueair - Blue Pure Fan - White

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  • Temperature, humidity, PM2.5, carbon dioxide, VOC, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, air pressure sensors; works with Nest, Roomba, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant; uHoo mobile app

  • Designed in Sweden for expert removal of airborne allergens. Unlike a standard fan, the Blue Pure Fan cleans as it cools, removing over 99% of airborne dust and pollen particles in just 20 minutes⁰. The fan pulls in dirty room air from the back through a pre-filter and particle filter using patented fan technology to deliver a gentle stream of clean, cooling air back into your room. Minimalist features focus on what's important with a single button to control speed settings and indicate filter change. The unique machine-washable fabric pre-filters are available in 5 colors (Diva Blue and Dark Shadow included) for customization to your space. The Blue Pure Fan fits in well on a tabletop or directly on the floor in any area of your home. The balanced design is light enough to move easily, yet the low center of gravity makes it difficult to knock over. As an added benefit, unlike standard fans with blades that get covered with dust and hair and require disassembly to clean, the innovative design of fan and filter captures large particles from your air before they ever get a chance to stick to the fan blades.​⁰Based on third-party testing of removal rate of dust particles (2.839μm) and pollen particles (7.234µm) in 20 minutes at a room volume of 1,008 ft³ according to AHAM AC-1-2019 standard.​​​​

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11.6 pounds
14.9 inches
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