Modern Marvels: Las Vegas [DVD] 10660126

Modern Marvels: Las Vegas [DVD]
Modern Marvels: Las Vegas [DVD]
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Model: 10660126

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Modern Marvels: Las Vegas

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  • Put a young super hero in control of one of Marvel movies’ most iconic aircraft: the awesome Dragon Flyer from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame.

  • The first season of Showtime's racy reality show follows six beautiful and powerful lesbians as they navigate the tumultuous world of living life in Los Angeles.

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From the neon sparkle of the Strip to the outrageous opulence of it's penthouse suites roll the dice with THE HISTORY CHANNEL to experience the incredible feats of engineering that underlie the world's most unusual man-made paradise Las Vegas. America's quot;neon oasisquot; is a glittering desert jewel whose name has become synonymous with fantasy folly and excess. Yet behind it's facade of glamour and glitz stand massive monuments to architectural ingenuity and artistry. Follow along with the fascinating tale of Las Vegas and it's mammoth masterpieces: From it's origins as a dusty Mormon cow town through it's heyday as a mecca for the mob in the Rat Pack era to it's modern renaissance as a family-style play land. Now on DVD for the first time you can explore the grandeur of Caesar's Palace the colossal scale of the MGM Grand the spectacular mirrored splendor of the Luxor and many other wonders! DVD Features; Interactive Menus; Scene Selection.

Modern Marvels: Las Vegas (DVD)

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