Jacques Pepin's: Summertime Celebration [DVD] 10835883

Jacques Pepin's: Summertime Celebration [DVD]
Jacques Pepin's: Summertime Celebration [DVD]
Angle View: Jacques Pepin's: Summertime Celebration [DVD]

Model: 10835883

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Jacques Pepin's: Summertime Celebration

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  • Celebrate Easter the Jacques Pepin way as the famed television chef offers a variety of innovative ideas on how to spice up those holiday meals and throw a little something new into the mix. From a Caviar appetizer featuring Buckwheat Blini and frozen vodka, to salmon steaks with fresh sorrel sauce and tasty cucumber balls, Pepin offers a variety of ideas to work up those appetites with a variety of tasty treats. Lamb loins coated in Ambush, drenched in lamb and vegetable mousse, and served on a bed of fresh fava beans offer a delectable main course, with leek and mushroom pie, eggplant cushions, and stuffed artichoke hearts providing the ideal compliment to a scrumptious main course. Caramel snow eggs in custard cream and oatmeal cookies dipped in chocolate top the meal off perfectly, giving the meal a sweet final touch after a hearty Easter dinner.

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It's a special one-hour tribute to two great cultures and two great cuisines, as Jacques and Claudine create a French-American fusion celebration of the Independence Day and Bastille Day. A whole, poached Salmon with a light, creamy Mousseline Sauce is an easy, elegant way to feed a large group. It's followed by charming little crocks filled with Rillettes of Rabbit the classic French party spread that's perfect with country bread and a crisp white wine. For the main course: a whole Grilled Shoulder of Veal, served with lemon-herb butter. And Jacques creamy Potato-and-Corn Packages are just right for the occasion. For dessert, there's an all-American sponge cake soaked in sweet summer berries and brandy with a silky custard sauce and a very French Chocolate Gourmand a decadent chocolate mousse you can serve right out of the bowl.

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