Lights Out and Other Supernatural Tales [DVD] 10891209

Lights Out and Other Supernatural Tales [DVD]
Lights Out and Other Supernatural Tales [DVD]

Model: 10891209


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Lights Out and Other Supernatural Tales

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Prepare to experience a French twist on the traditional Chanukah meal as world-renowned chef Jacques Pepin celebrates the Jewish Festival of Lights with a variety of tasty kosher treats. A delectable Consommé Printanier highlighted with zucchini, turnip, carrot, and miniature Chicken Quenelles kicks off the meal, followed by a cold Chicken Mousse with a sprinkling of pistachios set in delicious aspic. A Veal Roast complimented by buttery braised lettuce serves as the main course, with Vegetable Pancakes Tempura offering an innovative variation on the traditional potato latke. Topping off the meal is a Frozen Citrus Soufflé served with fresh baked ladyfingers, and a rum-soaked holiday fruitcake brimming with candied fruit.

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Model Number 10891209
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