Beverly Hillbillies, Vol. 5 [DVD] 11110668

Beverly Hillbillies, Vol. 5 [DVD]
Beverly Hillbillies, Vol. 5 [DVD]

Model: 11110668


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Beverly Hillbillies, Vol. 5

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Package Description: A New Friend When a new girl moves into the neighborhood, Maxx is nervous about meeting her. With the help of Dooley and her friends, Maxx eventually works up the courage to welcome the new friend to the neighborhood. Maxx, Dooley and their pals learn that we can become friends with all sorts of people. Be Good To Your Mother Mom has an endless list of chores and has to leave before she can finish her yard work. The kids enlist Dooley's help to finish Mom's gardening as a nice surprise. The kids learn that the people who care for us need care, too. In the process, they raise larger issues about cleaning up Mother Earth and find simple ways to care for the planet.

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Model Number 11110668
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