Swamp Tech [LP] - VINYL 11062134

Swamp Tech [LP] - VINYL
Swamp Tech [LP] - VINYL

Model: 11062134

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Swamp Tech

Detailed product description

BlueTrack Technology; on/off switch; battery status indicator; ambidextrous design; plug-and-go nano receiver

This AudioQuest Irish Red IRED05 cable features a metal-layer noise-dissipation system to help reduce RF and EMI noise. The 0.5% silver-plated copper and nitrogen-injected insulation ensure signal clarity for crisp, high-quality audio.

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Product specifications

Manufacturer AudioQuest
Model Number 11062134
Color Black/Red
Weight 208.65 grams
Height 1.6 inches
Width 2.25 inches
Depth 2.76 inches
UPC 751937511915

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