Greatest Hits [Hi Horse] [LP] - VINYL 14814679

Greatest Hits [Hi Horse] [LP] - VINYL
Angle View: Greatest Hits [Hi Horse] [LP] - VINYL
Greatest Hits [Hi Horse] [LP] - VINYL

Model: 14814679


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Greatest Hits [Hi Horse]

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This release from the VCI Entertainment label compiles into a single collection four beloved features from Britain: Robert Siodmak's The Rough and the Smooth (1952, 102 min.), Wolf Rilla's The Scamp (1957, 86 min), Terence Fisher's Kill Me Tomorrow (1957, 74 min.), and Phil C. Samuel's Grand National Night (1953, 80 min.). The films arrive in a 1.33:1 aspect ratio, NTSC format, all in their original black-and-white with a Dolby digital soundtrack. No additional supplements are included.

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Model Number 14814679
Color Black
UPC 725543287816

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