Titanfall 2 Standard Edition - Xbox One 36875

Titanfall 2 Standard Edition - Xbox One

Model: 36875

Titanfall 2

  • Product details:
  • Feel the power of 20-foot tall war machines

  • Enjoy a space adventure with Titanfall 2 for Xbox One. You'll enter the world of heroic pilots, master epic battle moves within a 20-foot combat unit and work your way through levels as you develop fighting skills. Opt for single player action or go co-op to enjoy Titanfall 2 with friends.
Last updated: 2021-11-24 10:54:49

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Titanfall 2 Standard Edition - Xbox One's More Specifications

Electronic Arts
Model Number
Product Weight
0.02 pounds
Product Height
4.75 inches
Product Width
3.5 inches
Product Depth
0.04 inches

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