OLAY Body Quench Body Lotion Advanced Healing 11.80 oz

OLAY Body Quench Body Lotion Advanced Healing 11.80 oz
OLAY Body Quench Body Lotion Advanced Healing 11.80 oz

Model: 075609031779

Brand: Olay

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Body Lotion, Advanced Healing Fragrance free with vitamin E & vita-niacin. Helps heal skin's moisture barrier and prevent dry skin from coming back. Intensive moisture from Olay quenches dry skin and helps prevent it from coming back. Quench, fragrance free with vitamin E & vita-niacin, is advanced body care. This breakthrough non-greasy formula does more than simply moisturize, it helps heal skin's moisture barrier to prevent dry skin from combing back. First. Quench provides an immediate burst of intensive moisture that continues for 24 hours. Then, drawn deep into the skin's surface, it repairs and nourishes the moisture barrier, strengthening skin's resilience against everyday drying conditions. The result? Advanced moisturization that breaks the cycle of dry skin.

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Brand Olay
Item model number 075609031779
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Product Id 991365
User Reviews and Ratings 4.5 (13 ratings) 4.5 out of 5 stars
UPC 075609031779

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OLAY Body Quench Body Lotion Advanced Healing 11.80 oz
Reviews: 13
Ratings: (13)
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$12.18 on walmart

Top User Reviews and Ratings

best lotion ever
Reviewed in the USA on 2009-08-15T17:00:00

I have extremely sensitve skin and this body lotion works great! I already use Olays sensitive skin cream for the face and decided to give this a try too. Im soo glad I did ! I highly recomend this for anyone who wants a great unscented and gentle body lotion.

minky1978 . Review provider: walmart.com
Awesome product
Reviewed in the USA on 2010-01-23T16:00:00

This is the first body lotion I have ever tried that lives up to it's claims. I live in the North and have very dry skin. After just 3 DAYS of using this, there was a very noticable difference in my skin. All the flaking-GONE. I would recommend this product to anyone!

imdry . Review provider: walmart.com
Best Frag free lotion EVER
Reviewed in the USA on 2010-03-11T16:00:00

I adore this lotion. It's AMAZING and works fantastic on your face.

Ecarp . Review provider: walmart.com
Reviewed in the USA on 2009-12-13T16:00:00

Recently moved from Hawaii to Utah, my hands became dry and very sensitive. When I just bumped my hands, it would bruise and bleed. I tried all kinds of lotions, expensive and economical. Nothing worked until I tried Quench Advanced Healing Body Lotion. With my very first use, my hands were hydrated and healed. I am a very happy user and I have been sharing my results with my family and friends.

Pualoke . Review provider: walmart.com
No More Dry Skin:)
Reviewed in the USA on 2010-11-10T16:00:00

I love this fragrance-free version of Olay's Body Lotion! It really hydrates and smooths my dry skin. I love the way it doesn't conflict with my perfume! It's the best one I've found out there:)

LOVELOVELOVEOLAY . Review provider: walmart.com
Reviewed in the USA on 2009-09-08T17:00:00

Hooray! Olay brought back a fragrance-free body lotion! I really didn't care for the fragrance of the Quench products, but I'm dedicated to Olay... but now the fragrance-free is back! LOVE IT!!

dizzielizzie . Review provider: walmart.com
Reviewed in the USA on 2009-07-28T17:00:00

I had used Jergens Aloe and Lanolin lotion for over 20 years when they changed the formula. I am highly sensitive to smells and the new lotion just didn't fit my high standards. I have been searching for 2 years to find a replacement lotion with which I could be happy. I have finally found it! This lotion is fragrance free, fast absorbing, and does not leave you feeling sticky. I highly recommend it. Thank you for making something for those of us who don't like "smells!"

rubiflo . Review provider: walmart.com
Reviewed in the USA on 2010-05-05T17:00:00

I luuuv the Quench lotions and what they do for my skin, although the shimmer and fragrance added can be a bit much....until now! This is a great product for those who have sensitive skin or just don't like added fragrance or shimmer in their body lotions. Still, I would've liked to have seen the same amount of antioxidants (ie green tea) in this one that the others have. Overall, great job Olay!

SmallTownGal . Review provider: walmart.com
This is the best lotion Olay Offers for Dry Skin
Reviewed in the USA on 2011-04-28T17:00:00

As said in my other reviews, I used the quench for extra dry skin way back when you made it in 2005. Then I used the ultra moisture - liked the shimmer, not the smell. Then I tried the new ultra moisture - which your marketing and development teams should pretend never happened. Then I tried the Daily Lotion - like the smell, fiancee hates all quench smells, and I miss the shimmer. So now, onto Advanced Healing. This is good. It feels a little oily/sticky for a while, but my skin does feel soft, though not as soft as the original Quench. Fragrance free is a plus, but it's still heavy - it covers up the smell of the Olay body washes I use (ultra moisture because it works, and the Revive with Ginseng because it smells so very very good...perhaps a lotion with this scent? or just make oils to add to fragrance free stuff?). Shimmer would be a great addition, but I'd say you could leave it as it is... or make it with shea and cocoa butters and vitamins E & B3... hint hint. (it's like the first one, but without the scent!). Overall, it's worth it. As it stands, I'll say it's the best lotion on the market. NOT the best lotion ever. You had that...and you changed it. <bitter>

scienceandcake . Review provider: walmart.com
I want my money back
Reviewed in the USA on 2010-08-02T17:00:00

This lotion left my skin feeling sticky. I would definitely not buy it again or recommend it to anyone. If I could could give it zero stars, I would.

kteeter . Review provider: walmart.com

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