OLAY Moisturizing Lotion Sensitive Skin 6 oz (Pack of 6)

OLAY Moisturizing Lotion Sensitive Skin 6 oz (Pack of 6)
OLAY Moisturizing Lotion Sensitive Skin 6 oz (Pack of 6)

Model: 075609007491

Brand: Olay

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If you have sensitive skin, you need a daily facial moisturizer you can trust to condition gently and leave your skin softer, smoother and more supple. Olay Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin was designed by Olay skincare experts to help soothe dryness and help provide lasting hydration. This gentle facial moisturizer is fragrance-free and color-free. It contains aloe and chamomile to help you maintain a more youthful appearance. The sensitive skin formula is light, non-greasy and non-comedogenic, which promotes unclogged pores. Just smooth onto your face and neck every day, and let Olay's face lotion go to work. With Olay Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin, taking care of your skin is simple.

6 Pieces - 6 Ounce (177ml) Light, Non-Greasy Formula, Fragrance And Color Free, Non-Comedogenic, 12 Hour Hydration Aloe & Chamomile Help Promote Hydration Color-Free, Non-Greasy & Non-Comedogenic

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User Reviews and Ratings 4.3 (105 ratings) 4.3 out of 5 stars
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OLAY Moisturizing Lotion Sensitive Skin 6 oz (Pack of 6)
$79.27 on walmart
$79.27 on walmart

Top User Reviews and Ratings

Light and non-greasy
Reviewed in the USA on 2024-02-27T16:00:00

Best moisturizer that doesn't make me break out

Char . Review provider: walmart.com
Perfect Moisturizer
Reviewed in the USA on 2020-07-13T17:00:00

The only moisturizer I use for decades that doesn't make me breakout.

OldFashionedGirl . Review provider: walmart.com
My go to moisturizer
Reviewed in the USA on 2022-06-23T17:00:00

Love this cream! I have dry skin and love using this as my day cream in the winter and night cream in the summer. It goes on light like a lotion but gives me all the moisture I need.

GCFauv . Review provider: walmart.com
A lifesaver for those of us who have very sensitive skin!
Reviewed in the USA on 2017-05-16T17:00:00

I use this product every morning and every evening to keep my skin moisturized and to help prevent wrinkles. And, since it is made for sensitive skin, there are no allergic reactions to it [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Constance C . Review provider: walmart.com
Soft and smooth in winter
Reviewed in the USA on 2017-11-18T16:00:00

Okay is a regular product I use. In winter I can not live without it. My face and neck are so soft and smooth.

Jane K . Review provider: walmart.com
Perfect for sensitive skin
Reviewed in the USA on 2022-01-03T16:00:00

I've been using this facial moisturizing lotion for years. It's the only one that I use. I like that it's unscented as I'm often allergic to lotions with any type of perfume or scent. As advertised, this lotion is excellent for sensitive skin. It's also light and creamy and gets absorbed quickly and doesn't leave a heavy or sticky feeling on your face.

tj_yvr . Review provider: walmart.com
Oil of Olay! Twice a day!
Reviewed in the USA on 2014-07-06T17:00:00

I have been using Oil of Olay Lotion for over 37 years!! And have been recommending it for as long, I usually tell young ladies ( My daughters included) to start using it now while you skin is pretty and unlined, and that your face starts from your hairline to your chest!! I am proud to say people believe that I am in my early 40's even though I just turned 57... Oil of Olay! Twice a Day!!!

Henu . Review provider: walmart.com
Helps keep the old wrinkles away.
Reviewed in the USA on 2017-11-16T16:00:00

Best face moisturizing lotion, my mother used it daily and she had the softest skin. Doesn't make my face break out great for sensitive skin and just a very light clean scent.

Laurie F . Review provider: walmart.com
Right price for the right product
Reviewed in the USA on 2023-08-04T17:00:00

I never use this brand of product before but now when I tried, I am very satisfied. This is the kind of product i am looking for. The price is just right.

Geny . Review provider: walmart.com
Reviewed in the USA on 2010-01-26T16:00:00

I have been using the sensitve hydrating lotion more then 30 years. I ONLY use this lotion. I am freaking out that someone thought it needed improvement. I agree with all of the other reviews when they say that this burns the eyes. I have extremely sensitive skin and I am allergic to the SPF in most lotions. And I can not use any other formula without irritation. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY LOTION IN ANY WAREHOUSE PLEASE LET US KNOW. We really were devoted consumers to the old formula. I bought a bottle once every two months for thirty years. That is a chunk of change over the years that I have spent on this product. Please bring the old lotion back I dont know what I will do without it.

Sensitive . Review provider: walmart.com

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