Olay Quench Daily Hydration Almond Milk Body Lotion 11.8 fl. oz. Pump

Olay Quench Daily Hydration Almond Milk Body Lotion 11.8 fl. oz. Pump
Olay Quench Daily Hydration Almond Milk Body Lotion 11.8 fl. oz. Pump

Model: 075609040078

Brand: Olay

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Olay Quench Daily Hydration Body Lotion is formulated with the creamy scent of almond milk to go beyond moisturization. The body lotion formula works within the skins surface to relieve dryness for noticeably smoother skin. After just one use, youll feel all-day, dry skin relief. And with continued use, skin becomes noticeably soft, smooth and more resistant to skin dryness. Experience 24-hour moisture from Olay Skincare in this Daily Hydration Body Lotion with vitamin E, vitamin B3 and the scent of almond milk. Go ahead and quench your skin from head to toe.

Relieves dryness for noticably smooth skin

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Brand Olay
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User Reviews and Ratings 3 (1 ratings) 3 out of 5 stars
UPC 075609040078

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Olay Quench Daily Hydration Almond Milk Body Lotion 11.8 fl. oz. Pump
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Top User Reviews and Ratings

Best products ever!
Reviewed in the USA on 2017-11-09T16:00:00

Love Olay! 50 Years using these products!

Colette C . Review provider: walmart.com
Disappointed with the "Improvement"
Reviewed in the USA on 2011-02-11T16:00:00

I have been a loyal Olay customer for years. I am very sensitive about smells, so there are many lotions out there that I cannot use. However, I enjoy using scented lotions whenever I can find some that I like the fragrance of. I was elated to finally find the Olay Quench Ultra Moisture with Vitamins E and B3, which used to come in a lavendar bottle. I LOVED the scent of that lotion, and received a number of compliments and questions about "What scent are you wearing? It's lovely!" The bottle did not specifically state that it included a shimmer element, but I was delighted that it did. Now, I have not been able to locate this exact lotion in stores for at least 6 months. Yes, Olay CLAIMS that this product is the same, just in a different bottle, but it's NOT the same! The one I loved did not contain COCOA butter; it had SHEA butter instead. I cannot stand the smell of the cocoa butter, so I cannot use this "improved" product. Why do companies insist on "improving" everything? Many of us prefer the old original version, and would continue buying it for the rest of our lives if we could! I have tried the Olay lotion in the yellow bottle which is called Ultra Moisture with shea butter--but the scent is not the same, nor is the shimmer there. So sad!!!

SensitiveNose . Review provider: walmart.com
Reviewed in the USA on 2011-03-27T17:00:00

Olay?!?! Why??!!! Why did you have to do this??!! I'm beyond disappointed. I've been a faithful quench user for over 5 years now...loved the scent, loved the consistency, loved the shimmer. This new lotion IS NOT THE SAME!!!!! Please, please, PLEASE change it back!!! PLEASE!!!!!

HollyB2578 . Review provider: walmart.com
Sadness and confusion
Reviewed in the USA on 2011-01-28T16:00:00

I have been using Olay products for many years, in fact they are the only ones I use. I update my products as my skin matures and goes on to another line for my needs. After searching for years for a really good body lotion I discovered the Quench shimmer line many years ago, and thought I had died and went to heaven. Loved the way it felt but mostly the scent was wonderful and nice shimmer to the skin. But to my disappointment they have not only changed the packaging, but the formula as well. After talking with a Olay agent on the phone they assured me that it was the same only in a different bottle....wrong it is not the same at all. Why take a perfect product and then go and change it? I am sure I am not the only unhappy user. Still love your products and will buy them not so sure about the body lotion.

. Review provider: walmart.com
Very Highly Disappointed
Reviewed in the USA on 2011-07-26T17:00:00

I never used to use a daily lotion before I found the original quench w/shimmer in the purple bottle in 2008. I loved the original sent, texture, the way it mosturized and shimmered. I have only part of one bottle left and have been rationing it out. The new lotion does NOT have the same fresh sent or texture and it does not moisturize or shimmer like the original. I am now on the look out for a new daily lotion. I like many others IMPLORE you to please please please go back to the original formula!!! We all would be extremely greatful.

Jaycee . Review provider: walmart.com
Very disappointed.
Reviewed in the USA on 2017-12-10T16:00:00

The bottle and displayed wording appears to be the same as the original. This is very misleading in addition to the unanswered email asking about the scent prior to purchase, allowing for the benefit off doubt. Having severe copd, I have to say I dislike this specific product. To change the formula to a scent that smells like tanning lotion and is this strong is unfair and slightly discriminating towards those who have severe respiratory illnesses. The original light clean scent was useable and loved by many that are limited to products they can use. All I can say is, thanks for the disappointment. What we would do without those who need to fix something that's not broken?

Kim P . Review provider: walmart.com
Reviewed in the USA on 2011-03-25T17:00:00

I dont use perfumes or lotions but my OLAY QUENCH was with me all the time. You changed it and it is not the same. I tried the product and it doesnt smell the same or feel the same....I want my product back with it's shea butter and it's shimmer....BRING IT BACK!!!!!

mariebel89 . Review provider: walmart.com
Sometimes Change is NOT Good
Reviewed in the USA on 2011-03-14T17:00:00

My all time favorite lotion has changed...so sad. The cocoa butter smell is so overwhelming that it clashes with my perfume & the shimmer is not as "shimmery". PLEASE consider bringing back the purple bottle with the old version of lotion. I'm really disappointed that I have to shop for a new lotion now.

SpaCityGirl . Review provider: walmart.com
Quench no more
Reviewed in the USA on 2011-02-02T16:00:00

So I went to buy my favorite Quench and found it had new packaging so after reading all the labels to find mine I grabbed two big bottles like i have done every time and brought them home.... after my long day i did my standard routine shower and lotion up....Only to find i felt like i needed to shower again to get the smell and feel off...My Quench lotion was no more...The package should of been a warning to the changes i was about to experience.....It didn't feel the same it didn't smell the same and the shimmer is gone..... I'm soooooo saaaddddd i want my old formula back- change the package all you want just give me the smell, feel and shimmer back....Its all gone...Now Its a lotion you can pick up on a clearance rack some where it isn't the high standard i have grown to love. Please don't tell me that it isn't a changed formula I know what I know this is most certainly not my Quench!!! Please bring it back!

Kell . Review provider: walmart.com
The New Quench
Reviewed in the USA on 2012-06-02T17:00:00

I have been looking for a few months for Quench before I completely run out. I never could find the purple bottle but didn't delve into it. Now, after reading the reviews I find the formula and bottle have changed. Guess I won't waste my money on the new stuff - noone seems to like it. Please bring back the old formula - it was wonderful

justagranny . Review provider: walmart.com

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