Sanus - Soundbar Speaker Mount for Select Flat-Panel TV Mounts - Black

Sanus - Soundbar Speaker Mount for Select Flat-Panel TV Mounts - Black
Angle View: Sanus - Soundbar Speaker Mount for Select Flat-Panel TV Mounts - Black
Sanus - Soundbar Speaker Mount for Select Flat-Panel TV Mounts - Black

Model: VMA201-B1

Brand: SANUS

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Soundbar Speaker Mount for Select Flat-Panel TV Mounts

Detailed product description

Holds most soundbars and center-channel speakers up to 35 lbs.; compatible with Sanus LL22 and LT25 flat-panel TV mounts; ProSet height and level adjustments

Attach your soundbar or center-channel speakers up to 35 lbs. to your flat-panel TV mount with this Sanus VMA201 mount. The extruded aluminum and heavy-gauge steel construction enables lasting use.

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Last updated: 2023-06-09 15:44:19
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About pros and cons information


  • Easy installation and setup
  • Compatible with select flat-panel TV mounts
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Adjustable to fit different soundbar sizes
  • Helps to optimize sound quality and positioning
  • Keeps the soundbar securely in place
  • Allows for a clutter-free setup
  • CONS

  • Limited compatibility with specific TV mounts
  • May require additional hardware for installation
  • Mounting position may obstruct TV remote sensor
  • Not suitable for curved TVs
  • May not be suitable for very large or heavy soundbars
  • Product specifications

    Technical details

    Manufacturer Sanus
    Brand SANUS
    Item model number VMA201-B1
    Color Black
    Weight 7 pounds
    Height 23.27 inches
    Depth 7.91 inches

    Additional product information

    Product Id 103
    User Reviews and Ratings 4.3 (4 ratings) 4.3 out of 5 stars
    UPC 793795363855


    The VisionMount VMA201 soundbar speaker mount easily attaches directly to VisionMount LL22, LT25 and LMT15 wall mounts for an optimal listening experience. This great space saving solution is easy to install and requires no additional drilling. Proset height macro adjustments raise or lower the speaker relative to the TV, and Proset level micro adjustments allow easy horizontal leveling for perfect speaker positioning. Extruded aluminum and heavy gauge steel construction is strong and sturdy. Universal design fits most soundbars and center channel speakers.

    Sanus VisionMount VMA201 Soundbar Speaker Mount Mounting Adapter Kit offers a dependable mounting solution with maximum productivity Can withstand a maximum weight of 35 lb

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    Sanus VMA201 - B1 Low Profile Soundbar Speaker Mount
    $37 on ebay
    $37 on ebay
    Sanus VisionMount VMA201 Soundbar Speaker Mount
    Reviews: 9
    Ratings: (9)
    $67.99 on walmart
    9 (4.4)
    $67.99 on walmart

    Top User Reviews and Ratings

    wicked good
    Reviewed in the USA on 2010-12-07T16:00:00

    Its always amazing to me to see a company like Sanus lead the way to all imatators. This mount is rock solid and a steal for the price, its post level adjustments are very good and easy to reach and adjust. This mount leaves ample space to locate electrical and video cables, so in a tricky spot this mount will make it possible. Sanus Keep Up the Good Work!

    ddutton . Review provider:
    Premium product!
    Reviewed in the USA on 2012-06-20T17:00:00

    The product is made of quality material. The number of parts included in the package is impressive and thorough. The mount itself has a complete set of features that makes it a versatile and good all-around product. I bought the earlier version of the product which comes with an earlier revision of the instructions manual. The manual could have been more verbose and clear but not a major problem as the website does provide plenty of supplemental info and help for installation which is an aspect that wins a lot of points in my book -- this shows the company does stand behind its product and value customer service. A friend who helped me with the installation was so impressed by the product that he asked me what brand it was, where I bought it and how much I paid. He was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of help material and by the comprehensive set of parts that came with the product. All this makes the LT25 a premium product at an reasonable price. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

    dysonlu . Review provider:
    Great tilt bracket
    Reviewed in the USA on 2009-06-29T17:00:00

    This is a great bracket. LIghtweight and easy to install. It also has a nice opening in the center of the wall plate for locating your powersource and or additional cabling. The unit tilts easily and has the added feature of a slight upwards tilt for easy access to the wires attached to the TV. Durable and reasonably priced.

    Schwartz . Review provider:
    Excellent mount
    Reviewed in the USA on 2009-05-27T17:00:00

    I have installed several of these mounts. The open middle has been a life saver for power and cables. When it comes to time it is extremely important not to get hung up on problems with mounting the TV on the wall. If it is not perfect the level adjustments can save hours of taking the TV up and down to adjust the mount. There are other mounts out on the market but this one saves time and therefore money!

    Jeff . Review provider:
    Easy Setup
    Reviewed in the USA on 2009-06-22T17:00:00

    It was easy to understand how to put this mount together and up on the wall. The best part was being able to install my cables easily.

    Christine . Review provider:
    Great updates
    Reviewed in the USA on 2009-05-27T17:00:00

    This product has a lot of great updates to the VMPL50. Easier to mount & adjust. Locking mechanism is simple and smart.

    Johnny . Review provider:
    A good mount ... BUT
    Reviewed in the USA on 2012-04-01T17:00:00

    This is a very nice mount. The quality and features are excellent. BUT ... how good all this if it is too short? It was rated to fit my TV (Panasonic 50"), but: - I had to switch sides for the vertical rail to allow just a little more clearance just to mount to my TV; - One of the studs was dead in the center of my TV/desired position, and since the mount is too short I had real problem hanging it exactly where I wanted, ended up having it off the desired position by 4 inches. So overall, this is a good mount, but it needs to be 4-8 inches longer.

    Mike100 . Review provider:
    Reviewed in the USA on 2009-05-28T17:00:00
    dustin . Review provider:
    Reviewed in the USA on 2009-12-02T16:00:00
    VASrSystemsEngineer . Review provider:

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